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I am absolutely fascinated by tubes and many common objects come in a tube. Toothpaste, paint, trains, and even bongs all use tubular structures to achieve a great functional advantage. 

Toothpaste Tubes

Why does toothpaste come from a tube? Well it may surprise you that toothpaste was once sold as powders. It was not until the 1890s that toothpaste was first packaged into tubes. Tubes made toothpaste easier to produce and distribute which unfortunately were made from lead at the time. 

Paint Tubes

The paint tube, Which actually inspired the toothpaste tube, was invented in 1851 as an upgrade from pig bladders and glass syringes. The paint tube made it easier to produce paint in bulk and made it easy to preserve paints. 


Tube Trains

The subway known as a tube in London, is a nickname used to describe the tubular-like tunnels that a train must go through to reach their destination. The London transportation network is divided up into 9 zones with zone 1 being london. Zones 6 and 9 are outside of the city. 


Straight Tube Bongs 

This might be a bit of a surprise to include a smoking device on a tube list, but straight tube bongs are actually of an efficient design. The elongated nature of a glass tube allows the smoke to more easily enter the lungs of a user. It's actually quite fascinating like the ones sold on rockygreenking. 


So that was it! Check out the homepage to keep learning about all things tubular ;)


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